Becoming a Volunteer

Presently, we are actively recruiting French/English bilingual volunteers.


To become a volunteer for the CCEB, chiropractors must have been in practice for a minimum of one year in a Canadian jurisdiction and be a member in good standing in their province of practice. Volunteers must not be on faculty at any chiropractic college, or have a personal or business relationship with any of the candidates.


Our volunteers are not paid, but we cover all expenses and offer an opportunity to give back to the profession in an important and meaningful way. You may wish to take advantage of your trip to an exam site city by extending your stay to explore the local area. Training is provided for all CCEB volunteer roles. Most provincial regulatory boards recognize their members’ participation in CCEB activities. This recognition may take the form of reduced fees, cash incentive, or awarding of CE hours/points. After each event, the CCEB advises the provincial licensing bodies of the volunteers who participated, the purpose of the event, and the number of hours involved.


Volunteer opportunities are limited, but we try to introduce some new volunteers every year. For each examination we select as diverse a group of volunteers as possible. This means we select examiners based on college of graduation, gender, experience, and geographical location. By attempting to have volunteers who closely represent the population of chiropractors in Canada, we are able to ensure that there are no biases against any group of candidates.


Standardized Chiropractic Treatment Patients (SCTPs) SCTPs are used in the chiropractic treatment station of the OSCE and act the role of a patient.
Component C Examiners To become an examiner for Component C, chiropractors must meet the above criteria and have been in practice for a minimum of three years in a Canadian jurisdiction. We strongly encourage volunteers to act as an SCTP at least once prior to becoming an examiner. This allows the volunteer some exposure to the exam process before being asked to examine candidates. Our examinations are held twice a year in Hamilton, Montreal, or Calgary and you may be asked to examine at any one of those locations, although you may specify the location of your preference.
Item Review Committee The Item Review Committee meets annually to address the item content for the Component A, Component B, and Component C exams. Question writers may be asked to help write or review items and scenarios for the exams. We hold workshops to train and identify new question writers. Templates and assistance are provided by experienced question writers and CCEB staff at these workshops. We are currently looking to form an official committee that will be responsible for creating new items and for ongoing item review and re-writing. Anyone interested in item development is more than welcome to become involved, but we are particularly interested in chiropractors with undergraduate or specialist degrees in Anatomy, Physiology, or Pathology who enjoy the challenges of creating new test questions.
Acceptable Competency Level (ACL) Committee The ACL Committee meets twice a year in Calgary. It is responsible for setting the passing score for the Component A and B exams. The team consists of 6-10 volunteers, with equal numbers of Canadian and American college graduates represented.
Please send all volunteer emails to: